According to a recent Incentive Magazine article, “As wellness incentives have matured over the past decade, employers have broadened their approaches as far as types of healthy behaviors encouraged.”

Taking into account that there is more to being healthy than just watching what you eat and exercising, Summit Group gives its employees the opportunity to attend monthly wellness seminars on a variety of topics.

While the emphasis remains on the fitness and healthy eating side, the topics range from learning about how to avoid heat-related injuries and illnesses, sleep, stress, and more. In exchange for attending these seminars, lunch or other prizes, such as incentive points that can be cashed in for merchandise, are given to employees. See “Inspire” post for more info on incentivizing your employees.

Summit has found that providing seminars on a variety of topics gives everyone the opportunity to learn, even those who are already hitting the gym every day and eating what they should on a regular basis.

To read this Incentive Magazine article, click here.

Does your company use the holistic approach to wellness? Summit Group has expertise in developing employee communications and website for custom employer-funded health and wellness programs. Contact us for more information! Check out how we have helped one employer here.

Andrea Guirola


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