The verdict is in.  Consumers of all ages love promotional products!  According to a recent study, which I highly recommend you checking out, “promotional products allow brands to directly affect consumer lifestyles and maximize recall by organically integrating into everyday routines at work, home or play.” As seen in the chart to your left, there are a variety of reasons recipients keep promotional products, from viewing them as useful to being an ice breaker.  These Visor Sunglasses actually meet a lot of the criteria listed in the chart, as they’re useful, enjoyable to have, could fit someone’s silly style and are definitely a conversation starter! Interested in ordering them for your next event? Request a quote by visiting our online catalog!

This next point may seem obvious but it’s worth mentioning.  The study advises marketers to know their audience before purchasing promotional products.  If you want to reach a general audience, consider looking into merchandise that is kept in the kitchen.  If your target audience is gender specific, make sure you select items that they will appreciate. The most popular product in the industry may not be what’s best for your market so do your research!  Or, better yet, contact Summit Group and have us do the work for you.

I could continue highlighting my favorite parts of the study, but it may be best for you to review it on your own! See for yourself how powerful promotional products can be!

Janelle Touma


Janelle began her marketing career with Summit Group in 2006. While here, she has enjoyed learning how this industry can enhance a company's brand through a multitude of creative applications. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with local charities and traveling to as many countries as time will allow!

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