LEAD_2016-Agenda-1When you believe in something, you fight for it, which is precisely what over 75 promotional products professionals, including our very own Director of Purchasing, Amy Rabideau, traveled to Washington, DC for this past May. They fought for our industry and we couldn’t be more proud or grateful for Amy representing Summit Group at the seventh annual Legislative Education & Action Day (L.E.A.D).

While in Washington, industry professionals spent time on Capitol Hill advocating for the promotional products industry.  During Amy’s visit, she, along withFB_IMG_1464293385794 the Executive Director for the Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals (GAPPP), Lisa Bibb, met with Congressmen, policy advisers and legislative assistants for most of Georgia’s state elected officials. After spending time listening and educating, Amy commented that, ‘it is amazing how some of our lawmakers are still unaware of our $20 billion industry comprised mostly of small businesses.  Sharing the story of how Promotional Products Work was the main purpose of our trip this year, along with spreading awareness of how recent legislation affects our industry.”  By the end of the trip, Amy felt like they made progress and is hopeful for the future of our industry.IMG_20160526_162625640px-Capitol_Subway_System_-_RSOB
There was certainly a lot of work to be done during L.E.A.D, but you can’t venture all the way to Washington, D.C. without enjoying all the city has to offer! In addition to trying new restaurants and touring the city, Amy and Lisa were given the opportunity to ride the underground subway on Capitol Hill to the Russel Senate Office building.  It’s been named the “shortest and most exclusive railway in the world,” because only Congressional members and official guests can ride.

Once again, we would like to thank Amy for taking the time to be an advocate for the promotional products industry. If you would like to learn more about 20160526_142321L.E.A.D., you can contact Amy at Amy.Rabideau@summitmg.com or Marketing@summitmg.com 

Andrea Guirola


Andrea, a college student, interns in the DC office and works closely with the marketing team. She hopes to pursue other opportunities within this industry throughout her college career. She loves working with others and hopes to learn more about the marketing world. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

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