Many high-performing companies use peer-to-peer recognition programs to reward their employees. According to a recent Forbes article, “Organizations that give regular thanks to their employees far out perform those who don’t.”

Summit Group practices peer-to-peer recognition regularly, and it becomes viral across the offices. Summit employees are given points quarterly (which can be redeemed for merchandise and gift cards), and the employees award each other with points for supporting any of the five Summit Group principles. Giving thanks for a job well done or for committing to the client encourages and motivates, resulting in better performance.

The five Summit Group principles that lead the employees in this program are:

1.  Disciplined – Managed work in a structured way that aligns to our systems, processes and procedures.

2.  Engaged – Make a commitment to be motivated in our jobs and maintain pride in everything we do.

3.  Collaborative – Work collectively to share knowledge and resources to build best practices.

4.  Innovative – Constantly seek better ways to solve our business challenges.

5.  Profitable – Deliver revenue growth by meeting or exceeding short and long term financial targets.

Does your company have a peer-to-peer recognition program?

To read the entire Forbes article, click here.

Laura Westbrook


Laura's education and experience is in marketing, communications, and public relations. Her career path has led her to work as an Account Manager for Summit Group’s Engagement and Recognition division. Laura's background has prepared her to help manage a client with over 240,000 employees. She enjoys helping to find creative solutions for her client.

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One thought on “Peer-to-Peer Recognition Really Does Work to Strengthen Company Performance”

  1. My company builds a platform for implementing peer-to-peer recognition programs at a variety of workplaces. We also use it for our own peer-to-peer recognition, and we’ve seen results like yours at Summit Group. Glad to see the idea is catching on!

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