Does your company struggle with keeping its employees productivity up? Do you have a wellness program in place for its employees? According to a recent Employee Benefit News article, these two questions go hand-in-hand. Employee productivity is likely to decrease when employees’ health risks increase. Here are some stats from the article.

  1. Employees who have high-risk health factors average 77% more annual absences than low-risk employees.
  2. Smokers cost companies $326 in annual net lost productivity. Following that lifestyle risk factor, high blood pressure costs $230 in net lost productivity.
  3. Health conditions, like cancer, bronchitis and depression also cost employers in lost productivity. The study determined that net productivity losses were $158-$1,601 more per year for each person with a health risk or condition.

To read the entire Employee Benefit News article, click here.

Summit Group helps develop creative wellness solutions to keep our client’s employees healthy and productive. How does your company support wellness initiatives, so employees can stay healthy and productive?

Laura Westbrook


Laura's education and experience is in marketing, communications, and public relations. Her career path has led her to work as an Account Manager for Summit Group’s Engagement and Recognition division. Laura's background has prepared her to help manage a client with over 240,000 employees. She enjoys helping to find creative solutions for her client.

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