There are always new ways to focus on your brand and what better way than through your pets! Dog walking tends to be a social activity. While walking, fellow dog walkers or people may spark up conversation about your dog such as the breed, their name etc. Now you can drop in your brand to the conversation especially when it’s on your furry friend!

Dog ShirtSince spring is here there are so many chances to go on walks with ease instead of rushing to get back inside. The air may still be a little chilly so you can put on the Pet T-Shirt with your brand on their back! It comes in Grey, Red, and Royal Blue and the sizes vary from small, medium, large, extra-large, and 2XL. It is made of 60% cotton, 40% polyester, and it is machine washable so it will stretch to fit your pet comfortably.

Night walks are always nice, but let’s face it, drivers aren’t always able to see people so they most certainly won’t be able to see a dog walking on the side ofBand the road. For that reason, you should add reflective leg bands with your brand to your pet! The elite woven fabric leg bands is sold in pairs and includes up to 8 colors. It has a 1-color Classic webbing with reflective ribbon in between.

Cat toyLet’s not forget about our other furry friends: cats! This Cat Chase Toy is lightweight and comes in Natural or White. It has a 4-color process imprint label perfect for your brand to be placed there.

Pets are Brand Ambassadors! While they walk and look adorable, they will surely be an attention-grabber for your brand.

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Andrea Guirola


Andrea, a college student, interns in the DC office and works closely with the marketing team. She hopes to pursue other opportunities within this industry throughout her college career. She loves working with others and hopes to learn more about the marketing world. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

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