DasaniCoca-Cola needed to showcase not only their great tasting beverages, but also their dedication to reinforcing school wellness.  In order to do this, they solicited the help of Summit Group in the planning and development of marketing materials.

“Drinks That Do Stuff” was the comprehensive food-service marketing communications materials that both Coca-Cola and Summit Group created together.  It included product information sheets with nutritional data and bid specs, a K-12 school beverage primer modeled on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Guidelines and a website with downloadable materials.  All of the information provided demonstrated Coca-Cola’s commitment to providing a variety of beverages that meet the tastes and requirements of their consumers, both students and parents.

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Janelle Touma


Janelle began her marketing career with Summit Group in 2006. While here, she has enjoyed learning how this industry can enhance a company's brand through a multitude of creative applications. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with local charities and traveling to as many countries as time will allow!

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