For many businesses today, a main concern is the rising cost in healthcare. One way to combat these costs is to have implemented a strategic health and wellness program that targets the key health issues. According to a recent Forbes article, these five things should be considered:

  1. Employees spend the majority of their time at work.
  2. Certain illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are preventable, and they account for 75% of all healthcare costs.
  3. Humans need to be challenged, so a health and wellness program should not be boring, in order to hold interest.
  4. Increase participation with incentives like lowering employees’ contributions with rebates.
  5. Workplace wellness is complex, and needs to have support and commitment from the vendor, employer and employees.

Summit Group employs experts who can help develop creative ways to develop and implement health and wellness programs into your workplace. Does your company have a health and wellness program?

To read the entire Forbes article, click here.

Andrea Guirola


Andrea, a college student, interns in the DC office and works closely with the marketing team. She hopes to pursue other opportunities within this industry throughout her college career. She loves working with others and hopes to learn more about the marketing world. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

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