This month’s Associate Highlight is all about Renee Granata! She’s worked out of our Chicago division for five years as a Program Manager, overseeing and managing our clients website programs.

Renee has many hobbies and activities she participates in outside of work. She enjoys watching Survivor with her friends, which is something they’ve done since the show first started!  They even put money on the outcome of the season!

Speaking of surviving, Renee loves to go camping with no electric or running water at Camp Granata (yep, you guessed it, her family’s land in Illinois)!  She finds it very relaxing, especially since she is able to enjoy nature. Renee prefers visiting in the spring/summer when the weather is nice.

One of her favorite family memories is taking countless trips up to her grandparent’s cottage in Clintonville, WI with her family and cousins. They’d spend the days on the boat, fishing and swimming. They also referred to this place as mosquito heaven as they are ubiquitous and resulted in them having to wear mosquito nets to go outside!

Her love for nature goes even further through a very large frog collection ranging from ceramic frogs to stuffed animals. Her grandpa collected frogs and when he passed away in 1998, they were given to her.

Thank you Renee for all that you do to make Summit great!

Andrea Guirola


Andrea, a college student, interns in the DC office and works closely with the marketing team. She hopes to pursue other opportunities within this industry throughout her college career. She loves working with others and hopes to learn more about the marketing world. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

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