Meet Diana Young, a fellow Summiteer of 8.25 years! Her title is Director of First Impressions, as she is the receptionist in our Atlanta office.  At the present time, she handles receptionist duties, answers the phones part-time (or as a back-up) for the Bloomingdale office and full-time for the Atlanta office, orders all printed materials and office supplies, proofs documents before they go out to prospective clients, and works with all of the vendors for the Atlanta office. With the vendors she helps to schedule their in-house meetings with our associates, facilitate their lunch-n-learns, and work on Project Insight to schedule Tasks from the Help Desk Dashboard. Along with these tasks, she also sends out UPS shipments for the departments and combines a list of absences and pertinent information for the Bloomingdale and Atlanta offices every morning. She says, “Basically, I do whatever I’m asked to do because I love a challenge. It keeps the dust from settling on me!”

Diana has an active life outside of the office which usually involes her family members, specifically her four grandchildren: two young granddaughters and two young grandsons. Her time with them is very special, she says.  In fact, they all live within 4 minutes of each other, so they are able to see one another often! Her grandsons are “into every kind of sport known to man”, she says. She goes to support her 4 year old grandson which is quite entertaining since one second he can be running back and forth and then the next he will be hunkered down in the field looking at bugs. Her 8 year old grandson already has his black belt in In Choi and is in the dojo’s traveling Demo team.

She has two “fur babies”. One is a 4 year old standard-sized Goldendoodle named Garth and the other is a ShihTzhu & Bichon Frise mix named Rambo! Both have different personalities but still are very loving and great companions! Since she is really into fitness, taking them on walks is her favorite. She has been learning to eat healthy and maintaining a daily exercise routine which is still a significant challenge for her. She has lost 28 lbs and hopes to continue! The BHS Health Coach, provided through Summit, has been a great help to her fitness journey!

Summit applauds Diana for all the great things she does at Summit and outside of it!

Andrea Guirola


Andrea, a college student, interns in the DC office and works closely with the marketing team. She hopes to pursue other opportunities within this industry throughout her college career. She loves working with others and hopes to learn more about the marketing world. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

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